• Record audio clips

  • Add voice effects

  • Upload or take a picture that is related to your recordings

  • Upload existing Mp3 files

  • Upload Podcasts

  • Applaud (Like) posts from your friends

  • Become a Listener (Follower)

  • Have users start Listening (Following) you 

  • Share posts from your friends

  • Share your own posts to your social media platforms

  • Add hashtags to your posts

  • Search users and hashtags

  • Leave voice comments

  • Listen on the go

Login Screen: We have an easy to navigate login screen for our users. You can log in with your username, phone number, email address or your Facebook account...whichever you feel most comfortable using.

Features Photo.jpg

Record Screen: Here, you can record an AUDIYOO just by tapping the yellow button on the screen, import an existing mp3 that is saved on your device or you can upload a Podcast.

Features Photo II.jpg

Voice Effects Screen: Currently we have four voice effects and we hope to have many more. Adding a voice effect is as simple as tapping one to add over your AUDIYOO and hearing how it sounds so you can really stand out from the crowd.

Features Photo III.jpg